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Expedition _The Far North 2024_ Navigare Yacht Club - photo SV Southern Star Norway courte


Join us on our sailing expedition in the Arctic


The Arctic Ocean tempts with its inaccessibility. Voyages around the North Pole, the North West Passage, the North East Passage, Greenland, and Spitsbergen are expeditions that toughen character, journeys in which we affirm our existence.

The goal of the 2024 expedition is Spitsbergen and Northern Norway. We will sail to Svalbard, the White Archipelago, to the home of polar bears… There were no Romans here, no Vikings, and no Inuits. This is a world of whalers, vagabonds, and sea proven captains… a land of loners who like and know how to be outside the everyday world.

If you can and want to take a moment to slow down, pause in the majesty of nature, mountains, fjords, and glaciers, immerse yourself in the silence interrupted only occasionally by chunks of ice breaking with a resounding crash into the depths of the ocean, then sail with us to the land of eternal ice. Here, by listening to the silence of the wilderness, you can sometimes hear the whispers of lonely in their exile, ancient Scandinavian gods...

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